Summer Tree Care

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June 13, 2022
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Summer Tree Care

tree care

Summer tree care is of utmost importance and should not be ignored! Here are some tips and tricks on how to take care of your trees and ensure they remain healthy over the course of summer!

  1. Regular Tree Pest Inspections

Some bugs are more active in the summer months leading to a higher chance of them infesting your trees. It would be a good idea to do routine checkups on your trees to make sure they are not infested with these harmful bugs. Catching the problem early on will make it easier to find the root of the problem and allow you to fix it immediately. Letting the problem carry on too long will weaken your tree and lead to further complications. 

  1. Fertilization

During the summer it is of utmost importance to ensure your trees are fertilized. Making sure your trees have sufficient nutrition during the dry months will allow your tree to flourish and support leaf growth. It will allow them to be strong enough to fight off any unwanted insects. If you live in a suburban area, your tree will require higher fertilization needs. 

  1. Pruning

Summer tree pruning is necessary in certain situations. The first being when there are dead tree branches present. With this branch still present, the rest of the tree can start dying and become weaker. They are more likely to fall which is a safety issue. 

  1. Mulching

Mulching is very important for the health of your trees, and it is never too late to start. Mulching your trees will allow for less weed competition. It will also help with soil temperatures and keep the moisture in your soil. The proper way to mulch a tree is to form a circle shape around the tree, and to not build up the mulch on the trunk because it can lead to disease and insect problems. 

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