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Top 4 Common Tree Hazards

If you haven’t already, you want to get into the habit of checking in on your trees. Trees that are damaged can pose a risk to property and people. In order to protect your home and loved ones, make sure you monitor the trees on your property. Here are the four most common tree hazards to look out for. 

1.Weak/Broken/Dead Tree Branches

A broken or weak tree limb can suddenly fall and damage someone or your property. Dead branches or sections of a tree need to be dealt with immediately. Dead wood can be easily dislodged by wind or animals and fall unexpectedly. Branches that are weak, broken, or dead should be removed as soon as possible by a trusted professional. 

2. Fungal Growth 

There are multiple varieties of fungal diseases that can affect your tree. Some common signs your tree has fungal growth are mushrooms, crumbling bark, or wilting leaves. Although you could have some of these signs, it’s best to call an arborist to make the final call. 

3. Root Problems 

It may be difficult to notice root issues however there are certain signs to look out for. If a tree’s roots are unstable, mounds of soil might start to form under the base of the tree due to the leaning of the tree. Roots can become damaged from construction or irrigation work. Other signs of root issues include dead branches or undersized/wilting leaves.

4. Leaning Trees 

Leaning trees can become a deadly hazard if gone untreated. If you notice your trees are leaning, stay observant. You’ll want to keep track of the degree the tree is leaning and if it continues to get worse. Call a professional if you think you have a leaning tree in order to prevent damage or harm. 
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