5 Signs You Need Tree Trimming

Protecting your Home from Tree Damage
April 13, 2022
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5 Signs You Need Tree Trimming

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  1. Broken Branches 

Broken branches should be dealt with immediately. An untreated broken tree branch can result in decay, fungi, or invite insects to come and attack the tissue that lays inside the tree. The branch has the chance to recover and heal if you cut off the broken part of the branch.

  1. Weak Branches 

V-shape branches do not allow for extra space which is crucial for branch bark ridge growth. This can increase the chance that you get insects that will cause decay in your tree. If your branches are vowing or snapping easily, that means it is a weak branch. Weak branches should be cut immediately so that they do not fall and hurt anyone. 

  1. Dead Branches

To check if your branches are dead you can try the “scratch test”. If you scratch off the top layer from a branch you can see what the rest of the tree looks like on the inside. If it is green, moist, and flexible then it is a healthy tree. However, if your branch looks dry and brittle the tree is dead. Dead branches can be detrimental to your tree, because it is not allowing your tree to heal properly. 

  1. Branches Close to Utility/Electrical Lines

This is a hazard and branches can cause power outages or disruptions if they get pushed too close to electrical lines by the wind. Having branches too close to these lines can cause a deadly fire.

  1. Overgrown

These overgrown branches can hang over your house and ruin the state of your roof. These branches will continue growing and can eventually damage your property. If these branches get too heavy they can snap off and fall on your house causing structural damage. 

We are a tree service baton rouge la company that keeps properties safe from potential tree damage and provides quick and easy demolition. If you are looking for a tree trim baton rouge la area, give us a call!

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