Protecting your Home from Tree Damage

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4 Signs it Might Be Time to Call a Tree Service Company
February 28, 2022
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Protecting your Home from Tree Damage

As beautiful as they may be- trees can cause real damage to your home if not maintained properly. Falling or unruly limbs and branches can cause roof and structural damage, power outages, and even personal injury. While it’s recommended to seek a professional’s opinion, there are a few things to look for in determining what assistance you may need in maintaining trees on your property. General inspection is a good first step- but there are a few other lesser known signs that are helpful to know for homeowners in keeping your property and loved ones safe.

Inspect Trees After a Storm

Broken or damaged tree limbs and branches are the most clear signs of concern, and can have the most pertinent impact on your home or other buildings. Debris can also find its way to trees after strong winds or stormy weather, which may also cause harm, if left unattended. Inspecting your trees to make sure they remain in the same condition after poor weather is an essential element of tree maintenance. 

Tend to Long Branches

Especially long branches, in particular, can become a threat to your property following inclimate or stormy weather. They can also cause issues if they come into contact with power lines, such as power outages or even fires. Contact a tree cutting service Baton Rouge LA to address long branches before they cause damage.

Tree Health

Signs of damage aren’t always structural or easily visible. Trees can suffer a wide array of disease issues that impact the stability and durability of the trunk or limbs. Keep an eye out for dead or dying branches, mold, or leaves falling out of season. Each of these things can indicate a tree that may require care. 

Easy Regular Maintenance

The best way to ensure your home and loved ones are protected from any potential harm to regularly consult your local Baton Rouge tree service. Experts also offer a breadth of knowledge about tree service Baton Rouge to help homeowners make the best decisions for their property in the long term. 

Preventative maintenance is key to caring for trees on your property! Visit Tree Surgery By Ricky Vincent for all of your tree service Baton Rouge needs.

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