4 Signs it Might Be Time to Call a Tree Service Company

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December 27, 2021
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4 Signs it Might Be Time to Call a Tree Service Company

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Trees in need of a tree service company can not only be aesthetically unattractive, they can be real hazards. The tree care Baton Rouge LA professionals at Tree Surgery by Vincent/Vincent Industries Demolition are experts in diagnosing current or potential issues, however, these four tips may serve as a heads up to take action. 

Low Hanging Branches

Low-hanging heavy branches are a sign that your tree may need pruning or further care. Contacting a tree service provider may not seem like a top priority, but will quickly become a major regret if low-hanging branches fall and cause damage to your property, or worse yet, harm others. 

Trees Touching or Too Close to Power Lines

Branches, leaves, or tree limbs too near power lines have the potential to cause great harm and should be addressed immediately by a trained Baton Rouge tree service technician. Interference with power lines can not only result in loss of power but also electrical accidents, which frequently cause serious harm. Storms and other poor weather conditions can exacerbate electrical dangers, which can be mitigated by proper tree care. 

Old Stumps

Many homeowners regard tree stumps as non-consequential, however, these remnants of past trees can cause issues of safety and liability, as well as other lawn issues. Of course, tree stumps can be tripping hazards, especially for individuals less familiar with the property. In addition, unattended tree stumps can take nutrients from surrounding areas, and potentially spread fungi if rotting occurs. Contacting tree service Baton Rouge LA can remove the risk of unexpected falling accidents, as well as pesky lawn health issues. 

Decay is Visible

Trees, of course, can have amazing life spans, lasting upwards of hundreds of years. That is not to say, though, that some trees- even those on your own property- may be seeing the end of their days. Visible signs of decay can indicate potential risks, such as limbs or major parts of the tree falling, damaging property, or causing harm. Tree care Baton Rouge LA experts have the knowledge and experience to assess decay and address it. 

For all of your tree care and tree service needs Baton Rouge LA, contact Tree Surgery by Vincent/Vincent Industries Demolition.

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