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Summertime Tree Service

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With summertime and warmer weather approaching, now is the time to look into summertime tree service Baton Rouge! While many people believe that a full-grown tree doesn’t need the same amount of care as other plants, that is not necessarily true. Even mature trees need water and care, especially during these hot summer months!


While you may not think it is important to water your tree, you may be wrong! Depending on the type of tree you have, some trees require more water than others. A tree service specialist can help you determine your tree’s needs. As a tree matures the feeder roots that absorb nutrients and water are actually farther away from the base of the trunk. Make sure that when you are watering your plant you are watering at the drip line or where the leaves begin to thin the end of branches (where the rain would naturally fall). Not getting the trunk wet will also help to prevent any rot or disease from forming on your tree.


Mulch is very important for your tree, especially during the summer. It holds the moisture in the ground and prevents weeds and other plants from growing nearby which compete for water. This will allow you to save time by reducing the amount that you have to water your tree and will save you money on your water bill! You should form a 1-2 foot long circle of mulch a few inches away from the trunk of the tree. This should cover all of the ground under the canopy of the tree. A tree service professional can help you with finding the best mulch and the placement of it for your specific tree’s needs.


Trees need to be continually trimmed and pruned in order to make sure there are no dead or infected branches. It is best to trim and inspect your tree while it is dormant in the fall and winter because it is easier to see any branches that need to be removed, however, you should be continually trimming your tree throughout the year. Summer is an important time to trim your tree because the trees have just finished blooming and you want to remove any excess weight or dying branches that are using up the tree’s nutrients. Make sure to hire a tree service professional to make sure you are trimming your trees properly and safely!

Contact us today if you have any questions about how to care for your trees in the summertime, tree service Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge tree service, or tree service Covington LA.

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