Spring Cleaning For Your Yard

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February 1, 2021
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Spring Cleaning For Your Yard

Spring is here, and in Covington, LA everything is beginning to bloom! People are starting to partake in spring cleaning and scrubbing down every nook and cranny of their home. While spring cleaning is important to transition your home from the cold winter months into the warmer months of Spring, it is essential not to neglect the surrounding area of your home. Make sure to clean up your yard and prep it for the upcoming months with help from an expert in tree service

Here is our checklist for Spring Cleaning the yard:

1. Remove any broken, dead, or diseased branches from your tree
Even though the cold winter months are now behind us, the harsh conditions could have potentially damaged and weakened the branches of your trees. This can be a hazard for any home, car or person that is in close proximity when these branches fall. It is important to utilize tree trimming to remove these weak branches because they will also take away nutrients that could otherwise be supporting the growth of the healthy branches. Inspecting the tree before it fully blooms will also help you catch any disease or pest invasion early before it comprises the integrity of the tree as a whole, which could lead to the need for tree removal.

2. Dormant Pruning 
If your trees have not yet bloomed, you can still prune them while they are dormant. Dormant pruning helps to circulate more light and air throughout the plant and restore the balance of new growth. It also supports your tree in warding off diseases during the upcoming year and overall, gives you a happier and healthier tree. 

3. Cabling
Make sure you are protected from any Spring and Summer storms that may occur. With cabling, a flexible steel cable supports the weaker branches in the tree in order to help the branches remain stable in high winds and other extreme weather conditions.

4. Fertilize 
While you may think your trees are strong and resilient, they still need fertilizer in order to replace nutrients, facilitate growth, and help protect them from insects, disease, and harsh conditions.

5. Out with the old, in with the new
If your tree appears to be dying, dead, or hazardous in any way, it may be time to call Tree Surgery to see what tree service is right for you before a disaster occurs during a Spring storm. They can evaluate whether your trees can be fixed with some tree trimming and pruning or if you require tree removal. Don’t forget to continue planting new trees in order to give your yard a fresh and updated look and help purify the air!

If you have any questions and need expert advice on tree removal, tree trimming, or any kind of tree service in the Covington, LA area, contact Tree Surgery today!

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