All About Dirt Work Baton Rouge LA

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June 10, 2021
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All About Dirt Work Baton Rouge LA

dirt work baton rouge la

If you are looking into building a new home or redoing your landscaping, your first step should be to find a reputable company to take care of the dirt work Baton Rouge LA. This is the first and most important step because it sets the foundation for your building to be built on. If this is not done by a company with the knowledge and experience to properly prepare your dirt, major issues can occur!

Dirt work, also known as sub-base and sub-grade preparation, is vital in keeping your home or other structure safe for the years to come. When doing dirt work East Feliciana LA, the first step is to remove the topsoil along with any vegetation in order to create a blank slate to start working on. If there are any trees in the way, you can hire a tree service Baton Rouge LA company to remove them. The more dense the soil type is, the more soil will need to be removed in this process. For example, a site with sandy soil will only require a little bit removed while clay soil will require a greater amount of removal before compaction begins.

Compacting the soil is the next step in the dirt work process. As the soil is being compacted, it is important to make sure the soil is not too wet or too dry or else it will not properly compact. As the soil is being compacted, any holes or divots should be filled in with more soil in order to ensure there is a solid foundation.

If the dirt work is done incorrectly, there can be major damages to your home! An unstable foundation can cause your home to sink, shift, or have structural failures. If your home is built on a sloped area the soil is more likely to move and can cause major problems if the foundation dirt work is not done correctly. This can become extremely costly which is why it is important to find the right dirt work company to get the job done right!

Dirt work East Feliciana LA can also be done if you are completely renovating your landscape. A company that does both dirt work Baton Rouge LA and tree service Baton Rouge LA can help completely clear your landscape and give you a blank slate in order to allow you to create the yard of your dreams!

Contact Tree Surgery by Ricky Vincent if you have any questions about dirt work Baton Rouge LA, dirt work East Feliciana LA, or tree service Baton Rouge LA.

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