How To Care for a Newly Planted Tree

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November 3, 2020
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November 3, 2020
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How To Care for a Newly Planted Tree

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After planting a new tree, tree service Baton Rouge LA or other methods of care may be necessary. Follow these steps to keep your new tree healthy and off to a great start!


Watering your newly planted trees is very important. It is essential for proper root development so ensuring that the soil around the roots is always moist is crucial ( Make sure not to over water your trees because this can cause more harm than good.


Fertilization is a vital part of a tree’s health. Fertilizer gives a tree the right nutrients and minerals that it might not get from the soil that it is planted in. It is important to give your trees just the right amount of fertilizer for optimal growth and health. Here at  Tree Surgery by Ricky Vincent we can assist you with determining the right fertilizer for your new tree and the correct amount to use.


When a tree is young, tree trimming Baton Rouge LA or pruning the correct way is key. In the very beginning stages, pruning is typically not necessary but it can be very important around the second year of your tree’s life. Any broken or dead branches should be removed. This will assist in the proper growth of your tree and prevent any injury or damage. Normally fall is not the best time to prune your trees and winter winter pruning is the most common.


Mulching can provide many benefits for a newly planted tree. For example, it can help the tree’s soil and roots retain moisture, which is a vital part of a new tree’s health. It can also keep out weeds and protect the roots. Mulch can also protect the new tree roots from extreme temperatures.

For more assistance with your new trees, tree service Baton Rouge LA or tree removal Covington LA visit  Tree Surgery by Ricky Vincent today! Tree Surgery by Ricky Vincent provides tree services throughout Baton Rouge LA, New Orleans LA, Covington LA, Lafayette LA, Mandeville LA and surrounding areas.

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