Winter Tree Trimming

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Winter Tree Trimming

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The winter months are the best time for tree removal Covington LA or tree trimming Baton Rouge LA for several reasons. At Tree Surgery we can assist you this winter with your tree service Baton Rouge LA needs! Now, here are some reasons why winter is the best time to trim your trees.

Maximizes growth

Pruning during the winter months will maximize growth during the spring months. A wound from a pruning cut promotes growth but since trees are dormant during the winter months, this growth will occur in the spring. 

Easier to trim

During the winter months, trees do not have as many leaves and therefore provide more visibility for trimming. Pruning during the winter will prevent more injuries and will be an easier task overall. It will also be a quicker clean up when done. It is also easier to evaluate tree structure when there are less leaves present. Identifying dead or broken branches is much easier and will contribute to your tree’s health.

Disease Prevention

Another good reason to trim your trees during the winter is it can prevent the development of any disease. Any time a tree is cut it opens up the opportunity for infection to occur. During the colder months however, there is less bacteria or fungi present so it is the optimal time for disease prevention and to keep your trees healthy.

For most trees, winter pruning is ideal but not for every type. However, each tree is different and some trees such as the ones that flower require a unique trimming time. Here at  Tree Surgery by Ricky Vincentwe can help you determine the best time to prune your specific trees. For more information regarding tree removal Covington LA, tree trimming Baton Rouge LA and tree service Baton Rouge LA, visit  Tree Surgery by Ricky Vincent today!  Tree Surgery by Ricky Vincent provides tree services throughout Baton Rouge LA, New Orleans LA, Covington LA, Lafayette LA, Mandeville LA and surrounding areas.

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