Tree Care Tips

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June 25, 2020
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Tree Care Tips

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The summertime is a great time to keep your trees in check and for tree service Baton Rouge LA. Here are some tips to take care of your trees to give them the longest life possible!


It is important to prune your trees properly to ensure the safety of its surroundings, This will also benefit the tree and prevent breakage. If a is not properly pruned there is the risk of branches falling and injuring people or causing damage. Tree Surgery can help with any pruning or tree trimming Baton Rouge LA

Proper mulching

Mulch is very important to the health of the tree for many reasons. It provides a source of insulation for the tree and prevents the roots from becoming too hot or cold. It also keeps the roots moist and prevents weeds and damage.

Choose the right trees for your property

To make sure your trees are as healthy as possible it is important to know what trees to plant. When deciding the right tree for your property you should consider its size, the types of leaves it sheds and when this will occur and how fast it will grow. Doing so will prevent any need for early tree removal Baton Rouge LA.

Soil testing

If your trees are not looking their best it could be that the soil is to blame. In order to determine the pH of your soil and to find out what minerals exist you can do some soil testing. This can be costly but it is worth it in the long run since it will be able to prevent future issues for your trees. A professional at Tree Surgery can offer this type of tree service Baton Rouge LA.


For new trees especially, watering is very important. You do not want to over or under water your tree. Properly watering your trees will allow it to grow properly and prevent dryness. Typically, the larger the tree, the less watering or maintenance it needs to survive.

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